Friday, February 9, 2007

I was returning home late today, and happened to glance up casually. What I saw made me stop in my tracks. Stars, twinkling points of light, against the midnight blue sky. Orion was outlined clearly; for a moment, I felt like the ancient Greeks, visualizing a great hunter in the heavens. I stood very still on that dark road, the night breeze caressing my face. Sirius was pulsating madly, seemingly in tune with my own heartbeat, and I felt as though I was was absorbing its power and life. In that single moment that lasted for an eternity, the world existed for me alone.

I always marvel at the wonders of nature. Every time I get too settled in the mundane ways of life, something amazing happens that shakes me to my very core and makes me rethink everything I've come to hold as true. I'm not a strictly religious person, but beholding the sight of a rainbow, the healing power of a light rain, the energy of the stars, it's hard not to think that there is a God somewhere bequeathing these gifts to me.

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